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Committed to building a legacy of top-class food and service, family-owned Megu Catering Concepts constantly reinvents itself to deliver fuss-free and memorable food experience­s


Fast-paced city living makes having ready-made food brought to your doorstep a welcome propositio­n, be it for a family dinner at home or for a splendorou­s garden wedding. To ensure you get delectable food and reliable service, choose a caterer with a sound culinary heritage that prides itself on top-class service, like Megu Catering Concepts.

In 2012, the Tan brothers Caleb, Joshua and Amos started the business, catering halal food for companies and residentia­l homes. Under the guidance of their father and aunt, both of whom have extensive experience in the catering business, they have grown the company which now has three arms: Megu Corporate, Megu Weddings and Megu Parties. Meaning “blessing” in Japanese, “Megu”, when transliter­ated in hanyu pinyin, carries the meaning of “fruitfulne­ss” (méi gǔo). “To have the privilege of blessing others is a blessing in itself,” say the founding brothers.

The founders won’t consider their business a success until they are able to hand the baton to the next generation, however. To this end, they strive to constantly adapt and reinvent ideas for today’s audience. One example of its ongoing evolution is the expansion of its sales team to an independen­t office space at Jalan Mesin, while previously, the sales, kitchen and operations teams were all housed under one roof. At the new office, meetings are conducted in a profession­al environmen­t and there is even a food tasting area for clients. Meanwhile, under the Megu Weddings brand, the company also offers full venue decoration­s, giving wedding couples a fuss-free experience for their event. Indeed, Megu Catering Concepts does its utmost not just to deliver quality food but to make every one of its catering experience­s a memorable one.

According to co-founder Caleb Tan, two things have worked in the group’s favour: a unified team bound by the same passion and vision, and whose members recognise that the unique skills of each member come together for greater synergy; and having the heart to serve in an industry where the hours can be long and the work physically demanding. “Catering is one of the toughest jobs in Singapore industry. When we first started, we cooked, set up and washed dishes by ourselves. No fancy machines, no big trucks, no bonuses. That’s where the real test is,” he says. “What we have is only the heart to see through every catering event entrusted to us. That is what makes us happy, that is what pushes us every mile to create, innovate and inspire.”

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