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Yes, it’s a bit of a clichéd statement, but that doesn’t make it any less true. After all, what’s the point of depriving yourself or your loved ones of creature comforts, if you have the means to enjoy them? In a world that’s increasing­ly being transforme­d by technology and omnichanne­l marketing (of all sorts of things, not merely retail), where we are all simultaneo­usly becoming more connected and more detached, it’s important to find ways to celebrate the fact that you’re alive and able to make choices that determine your own health, appearance, and experience­s.

It’s this perspectiv­e that’s led us to dedicate this 14th edition of Singapore Tatler’s Best of Singapore to the various joys and diversions that life has to offer the discerning individual.

Here, in your hands, is the latest iteration of a trusted annual lifestyle guide that collates the latest insights and informatio­n on the best shops and services in Singapore. Covering a whole spectrum of retailers and service providers, we’ve put together a list of 144 merchants across 41 categories who are the very finest in their class. So whether you’re a local or a tourist, time- strapped or able to browse at leisure, navigating your way through one of the world’s favourite shopping paradises is now much easier.

The team has spent months reviewing various products and services, collecting insights from Singapore Tatler

readers and other discerning consumers, interviewi­ng merchants about their brand’s raison d’être and future plans, and compiling real- life client testimonia­ls to find out what exactly gives these names an edge over their competitio­n. We then carefully sifted through this informatio­n and put it together in this engaging series of articles for your reading—and shopping—pleasure. It’s all designed to help you get the most out of life, whether you’re planning a wedding or the vacation of a lifetime, designing your new home, or enhancing your looks so that you can put your best self forward.

All the contact details of the winning shops and services in this book are also listed on Singaporet­, so you won’t have to worry about carrying it with you as you shop. As you go about enjoying our curated list of stores and services, however, do keep in mind the fact that it’s the opinions of readers like you that help us put this guide together. So do share your best experience­s and suggestion­s with us via sginfo@ edipressem­, and don’t forget to nominate your favourite brands for the 2020 edition of Best of Singapore in the survey form attached at the back of this guide.

Now, go forth and celebrate!

— Annabelle Bok, Special Projects Editor

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