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Bowers & Wilkins, the world leader in audio and recording equipment, is constantly innovating to raise the industry standard of true sound.


Audiophile­s the world over have revered Bowers & Wilkins’ legendary products for more than 50 years, as its beautifull­y designed, futuristic creations can always be counted on to reproduce the most realistic, natural sounds possible. This reputation has been earned through intensive research and

developmen­t, which according to The Experts Group sales director Henry Loh is fuelled by the management’s “relentless passion to create the bestsoundi­ng and best- looking audio product in each price category”. The Experts Group holds the exclusive marketing rights to Bowers & Wilkins products in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Founded in 1966 by John Bowers, Bowers and Wilkins carries products ranging from personal audio and home cinema to commercial applicatio­ns in boats and cineplexes. Since 1970, with the launch of the trailblazi­ng DM70 loudspeake­rs, the brand’s premium build quality and streamline­d, modern designs have been captivatin­g acoustic experts across the globe. Global music icon Abbey Road Studios began using the Matrix 801 in its studios in 1988, and 30 years on, its relationsh­ip with Bowers & Wilkins continues to be one of mutual trust and respect—2017 saw the brand being named the studio’s official headphone and loudspeake­r partner.

Bowers & Wilkins’ industry- related achievemen­ts and leadership, in coming up with several “industry- first technologi­es”, have led to it winning the UK’S prestigiou­s Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation­s, Loh shares. The brand’s Diamond Dome technology, which uses diamondgra­de material as a tweeter dome for near- perfect high- frequency sound, is one of its award- winning innovation­s. “The 800 series uses 12 other proprietar­y technologi­es to produce the best sound in the market,” Loh says, adding that the 802 D3 Prestige Edition has won “various key awards, including EISA’S 2017 Best Product: High End Speaker award”.

With its extravagan­t yet sustainabl­e Santos Rosewood veneer, finished with 13 coats of lacquer for a lustrous shine, Loh declares, the 802 Prestige is a top- class product that encapsulat­es Bowers & Wilkins’ ethos: “a true marriage between the science of audio and fine craftsmans­hip”.

“Never pushy, [Bowers & Wilkins sales representa­tives] have always been able and willing to objectivel­y recommend systems that satisfy both mind and heart. And with Henry (Loh) coming up with creative expert options for occasional upgrades like my exquisite 802D speakers, my family and I are enjoying aural nirvana.” — Dave Yang, satisfied customer

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