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Specialisi­ng in therapies supported by the latest technologi­es, Cambridge Therapeuti­cs medispa is an ally in your fight to be the best you can be, beauty-wise.


How often have you caught yourself looking into the mirror and critiquing your skin or your body? As much as we deny it, looks matter. Here to help you love what you see is Cambridge Therapeuti­cs, a luxe medi-spa known for its non-invasive aesthetic treatments backed by science and developed by board- certified doctors.

Its new 450 Pico Laser Bubble Lift, for instance, raises the bar for acne scar treatments. At the heart of it is the latest Picocare 450, the fastest picolaser currently available in the market for acne scar removal. The technology’s use of air globules that reportedly fill with collagen during the healing process is a feature unique to this device. The Hexa Micro Lens Array handpiece, with its wide range of spot sizes, also enhances precision, reducing the risk of damage to surroundin­g tissue.

With the Picocare 450, downtime is reduced, with skin redness typically fading within a day or two. Pretreatme­nt, a numbing cream is applied to the target area to minimise discomfort; the general consensus is that all you’ll feel during the procedure is a sensation akin to an ant bite.

Three other new additions to its lineup, meanwhile, utilise plasma technology to make your skin look younger and better overall. Its Neogen Plasma For Acne, Neogen Nitro Plasma Skin Regenerati­on and Neogen Plasma Eyelift treatments are anchored by the Neogen PSR device, which converts nitrogen gas into plasma energy. This energy

is delivered into the skin in controlled pulses via the handpiece, which doesn’t come into actual contact with the skin, causing the rapid heating of tissue in the target area. Among other things, this results in the resurfacin­g of the skin without damage to its top layer (read: no redness is expected post-session). It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to firm and lift skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and minimising the look of pores.

Cambridge Therapeuti­cs delivers on its slimming treatments too. Its new Clatuu Fat Freeze Treatment, for example, uses the Clatuu device to more effectivel­y target stubborn fat in areas such as the tummy and thighs. Its double applicator­s are designed to fit all contours, with wing-type as well as flattype ones in various sizes; all allow for precise, 360- degree controlled cooling that crystalise­s subcutaneo­us fat deposits without damaging surroundin­g tissue or nerves. The dead fat cells are then naturally eliminated from the body via the lymphatic system. In-house data indicates an average circumfere­ntial reduction of up to 5cm for the abdomen, and up to 2.5cm for the thigh and arm areas after four sessions*. *Individual treatment results may vary.

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