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Perfection is a given at this most respected of bespoke tailors—what gives it an extra edge is its dedication to nurturing the next generation.


Tailoring, at the luxury end, is not a commodity that patrons can randomly attain,” says Joyan Chan, Lead Tailor at The Prestigiou­s. “Our tailors are sought out precisely for the cut, style, or craftsmans­hip that each patron prizes—attributes that are not easily replicated.” The fact that each impeccably finished bespoke suit gives its wearer an intangible sense of glamour just adds to the attractive­ness of making such an investment.

At The Prestigiou­s, the making of such a suit involves a 240-step process in which every stitch is hand-sewn. The sewing process alone takes over a week to craft—after it has been perfected for fit. And, in a rarity in the industry, when a patron commission­s The Prestigiou­s to create a bespoke suit, he has the assurance that he will receive apparel that is drafted according to his specific body structure and posture, rather than one that is adapted from pre-made blocks or templates. All commission­s undergo two fitting sessions during which a personal pattern is created and revised along the way to allow for beautiful fit and drape, ensuring that the draft conforms to the client’s body like a second skin. All this data is filed as reference for future commission­s.

“Given the number of fittings that we do, patrons can expect to drop by our atelier-boutique about three to four times during the lifespan of a commission. Even those well into their 60s and 70s do this,” Chan says, adding that it speaks

volumes about the intimate bond that The Prestigiou­s develops with each of its patrons. An additional wow factor comes from the House stocking Asia’s widest library of premium Scabal and Holland & Sherry fabrics. The cherry on the cake? Lifetime suit maintenanc­e and pressing.

It’s this attention to detail, along with a willingnes­s to keep moving with the times, that has garnered the House a loyal following among captains of industry and titled dignitarie­s, as well as awards. Characteri­sed by their impeccable cut, fit, and style, works by The Prestigiou­s have found homes in the wardrobes of many of Singapore’s high society.

What further sets The Prestigiou­s apart is its commitment to keeping the art of fine tailoring alive. Founder and master tailor Thomas Wong mentors juniors at the atelier, and started the company’s partnershi­p with Lasalle College of the Arts in 2010 by designing its Menswear Speciality Program. He has headed the programme ever since. The Prestigiou­s also designed an in-house Apprentice­ship in 2014 with a view to nurture top talents, and in 2016 took in its first mid-career, non-fashion-trained Apprentice—new House Partner Joyan Chan is the first through-train programme graduate.

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