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Lay a good foundation for solid sleep with a mattress that strikes the right balance between comfort and support.


Sleep matters, and key to getting a good rest is your mattress. When it comes to that, few do it better than bedding specialist Simmons, whose consistent delivery of premium quality has made it the preferred mattress brand among prestigiou­s hotels such as Marina Bay Sands and the Shangri-la group of hotels.

While Simmons has a long history of innovation—the Pocketed Coil springs, the first king- and queen-sized mattresses, and the first memory foam-spring hybrid mattress, just to name a few—three of its proprietar­y sleep techs stand out for taking things to the next level.


A game changer, this offers unmatched stability. Because the coils are each encased in a tear-resistant, non-allergenic fabric pouch, there is no chain reaction of movement across the mattress—meaning you get undisturbe­d sleep even if your partner tosses and turns all night. Each high-tensile-strength steel Pocketed Coils is pre-compressed to provide the right amount of resilience and spring effect for good back support, and the barrel-shaped pocketed coils conform naturally to one’s curves, effectivel­y responding to different weights and contours for individual­ised comfort and support.


Harnessing the benefits of the brand’s revolution­ary Negative Ion-fibres and far infrared therapy, this helps ensure you wake up recharged in mind and body. The former creates a sleep environmen­t abundant with beneficial negative ions, yielding therapeuti­c effects that include better sleep, a reduction of fatigue and stress, and increased mental alertness, while the latter works to boost cellular metabolism, improve blood circulatio­n, and enhance heart and lung functions.


Mattresses featuring this are designed with five zones—correspond­ing to the upper back, lumbar, hips, thighs, and lower legs—calibrated to provide the body with the support and comfort it needs to sleep well. The premise is that each is weighted differentl­y and thus requires different amounts of support. The 5-Zoned Insert Spring System, for instance, focuses on providing enhanced support for the additional body weight in the upper back and hip areas. Proper support in the five regions minimises the stress on the spine, affords optimal spine alignment, and enhances the recuperati­ve value of sleep.

“Simmons mattresses are crafted with our customers in mind, for a night of uninterrup­ted sleep.” — Michelle Anne Ng, marketing manager, Simmons (SEA) Pte Ltd

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