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Specialisi­ng in creating lavish interiors, this internatio­nal award-winning design house strikes the right note with homeowners who lean towards splendour and a modern luxe vibe.


Wowing not just with its aesthetics but also its sense of style, Prestige Global Designs has made a name for itself among the affluent seeking the luxurious style characteri­stic of boutique hotels. Working with a genuine passion to help others actualise their dream space, its founders, managing director Michael Ong and director Jeremy Tay, have grown the brand over the past decade to become synonymous with bespoke designs that encapsulat­e the very essence of luxury. They do so with touches of style that are unique to each client, lending each space a comfort and familiarit­y that makes it home.


Make no mistake: Design is a very personal thing, and the co-founders get that. It is why they work hard at identifyin­g a design theme in sync with the client’s lifestyle and preference­s. Inspiratio­n for them comes in many forms: nature, fashion, paintings, even mundane things such as USB ports in an unusual location in a hotel room… anything and everything can spark an idea. While they believe in staying true to their creative direction and beliefs, they also very much value individual tastes, giving equal weight to the clients’ input when brainstorm­ing designs.

Ultimately, what matters most to them is that the end users like what’s presented to them. And it’s this mindset and their ability to strike that fine balance between respecting the clients’ wishes and staying true to the firm’s signature design aesthetic that have won them firm fans. As a satisfied client puts it, “choosing a design company isn’t just about the finished product and the evaluation and the duration of the project; it’s about the people. What sets Prestige Global Designs apart from the other companies I’ve considered were the owners, Michael and Jeremy, and their team.”


Stretching itself, Prestige Global Designs has in recent years taken on commercial projects too, bringing its signature aesthetic to showrooms, spas, hotels, restaurant­s, offices, and retail spaces. Proving its mettle in designing for these types of interiors as well, the firm took home the Best Office Interior Singapore award at the 2016-2017 Asia Pacific Property Awards for— surprise, surprise—its own showroom, as well as the Best Interior Design Show Home Indonesia. In the 2015-2016 and 20142015 editions of the event, it bagged the Highly Commended award for Interior Design Show Home Singapore.

“A great design, exuding luxe and prestige, is as much science as it is art.” — Michael Ong, managing director, Prestige Global Designs

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