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Here’s where you’ll find high quality statement pieces with a strong Asian influence, one-of-a-kind vintage finds, and antiques bearing a rich history.


Discerning homeowners with an eye for quality are often on the lookout for special statement pieces, to add that unique finishing touch to their home decor. For many expatriate­s, this means purchasing a solid piece that they can eventually take home with them as a memento of their time in Asia. Most buyers would agree that a beautiful item that will last a lifetime or more makes a great heirloom too. And for 19 years, Emperor’s Attic ( previously known as Fairprice Antique) has been the go-to store for pieces that meet these requiremen­ts.


The name change came in March 2018 “after much thought and deliberati­on”, says Chantal Travers, owner of the company. “The name Fairprice Antique just no longer represente­d us. Many thought we were part of NTUC; others thought that we were a dusty bric-a- brac store. So we needed a name that said who we are— and that’s a store selling top- quality unique, traditiona­lly hand- crafted antique, vintage, and new/reproducti­on furniture from northern China.”

The word “emperor” was chosen “because the Chinese emperors were based in northern China, and we only buy from the north”; similarly, “attic” was picked for the word’s associatio­n with “special hidden treasures”. Travers ensures that each piece is carefully hand- picked for the store and its customers.

“It was a really tough decision to change the name of a successful establishe­d business that has been around for so long and that so many people know, but the response to the new name has been amazing, with support from press, interior designers, artists, and other partners,” Travers shares. “And we have so many more customers that feel like they can truly connect to our brand and what we sell.”


In 2019 and beyond, Emperor’s Attic aims to continue living up to its new name by bringing in top- quality products to delight and intrigue its knowledgea­ble clientele, many of whom have a keen eye for workmanshi­p and detail. Travers is also aiming to promote locally based artists and their work in the store through its Meet The Artist events and the everchangi­ng collection of their work that art enthusiast­s and collectors can look forward to finding at the store.

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