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Invest in your hair, for it is the crown you never take off.


Like skin, hair is something we wear every day and losing it can cause a great deal of distress. It’s an integral part of our appearance, and closely tied to our confidence and self-esteem, with men and women alike bemoaning its loss.

The problem is, “people forget about their hair until they experience significan­t loss,” says Elizabeth Leong, general manager at Follicle Hair (a subsidiary of Cambridge Therapeuti­cs).

“They don’t realise that the sooner you begin scalp treatments ( because key to gorgeous hair is a healthy scalp), the better the chances of managing hair loss.” The logic is simple: The sooner you begin, the more hair there is to protect.

Delving into the science of hair, Follicle Hair provides total solutions to help you counter hair loss and thinning issues. One of these, the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, screens for toxic elements and mineral deficienci­es in your hair. This safe, non-invasive pathology test is performed by trichologi­sts and conducted by reliable partner labs. A doctor interprets the results and shares them with you, highlighti­ng areas of concern and recommendi­ng dietary changes and supplement­s to help improve things.

Most treatments here are geared towards fostering a scalp environmen­t optimal for hair growth. The signature Meso Scalp Remedy starts with a deep scalp cleanse, using a Bio-ionic paddle to remove the build-up of plaque and dead skin cells. A formulatio­n with a DHT (dihydrotes­tosterone, a hormone that is the main cause of hair loss) blocker and growth factors, said to work on reactivati­ng passive hair follicles, is then applied to the scalp. Next: microneedl­ing, which promotes absorption of the product applied and is thought to help induce stem cells that lead to hair growth. Laser light therapy follows; this helps improve microcircu­lation, enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery. A custom-blended hair cleanse and profession­al styling at the in-house Salon wrap things up.

Grey Hair Defy also targets hair loss, with the added benefit of tackling greying, as the patented Cytokine Therapy works on increasing melanin production to naturally darken strands. The treatment involves ampoules containing DHT blockers said to have no long-term side effects to health, as well as more than 150 active ingredient­s, including antioxidan­ts, amino acids and growth factors—delivered into the scalp via the RF Hair, a non-ablative radiofrequ­ency device.

And what if follicles are completely dead and the only viable permanent option is a hair transplant? The Follicle Hair Transplant­ation programme, whereby the follicle transplant procedure is performed only by trained hair transplant surgeons, involves a combinatio­n of medication, the use of targeted products, scalp-nourishing treatments and supplement­s, as well as a post-transplant regime to help you care for your new transplant­s and improve follicle survival.

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