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This wellness and weight management brand, which advocates being healthy, not skinny, makes the best companion in your journey towards self-acceptance.


Women have been feeling pressured to live up to society’s beauty ideals for years. Almost every female has wanted to shed a few kilos at some point in her life, and more than a few have turned to extreme dieting or fad diets in the hopes of achieving that ideal form society has extolled for ages, pronto.

Multi-hyphenate Cheryl Wee, founder of wellness and weight management centre Cheryl W., used to be one of them. As she has candidly shared, she had her fair share of weight troubles in the past; the lengths she went to, to try to keep her weight down, took a toll on her physical and mental health. Thankfully, she has since sorted out her thoughts, and now helps others find their best selves through Cheryl W., which champions holistic health over mere weight loss. Her establishm­ent’s philosophy—that weight can be managed without compromisi­ng health—is one that resonates deeply with her.


“Cheryl W. is not a slimming centre,” Wee stresses. “We’re not advocating for women to be a size 0. We advocate a healthy body image, and promote positive wellness and weight management. We’re not just a quick fix.”

Driving home that point, Cheryl W. does not offer slimming treatments that promise sudden, drastic weight loss—wee makes it clear that there’s no guarantee that weight will even be lost. Instead, what you’ll find here are treatments that tone and sculpt, and are more detoxifyin­g than slimming in nature. Here, weight loss is a by-product, not the main result, of the treatments, which always focus on promoting health.


Cheryl W.’s line-up includes the awardwinni­ng detoxifyin­g Signature Royal Body Flush Treatment, which kicks off with a body analysis and an aroma steam bath that preps your body for the treatment as well as improves blood circulatio­n. Depending on the analysis result, a customised programme follows, usually involving a combinatio­n of a hands-on massage, the use of targeted products and machines, and heat therapy to aid the body’s natural detoxifica­tion process, flushing out toxins, and to help break down fat more effectivel­y. The session wraps with a cup of the brand’s very own wellness drink, selected specially to complement your treatment.

The Ginger Sparkle Treatment, too, is well received. Harnessing the benefits of ginger, it helps relieve abdominal bloating, and is particular­ly useful in alleviatin­g feelings of discomfort during the menstrual cycle and for general care in the post-natal stage. It includes an aroma steam bath, a ginger-based scrub, a thermal body detox and a massage that helps expel excess wind in the body.

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