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A premium traditiona­l Chinese medicine (TCM) centre points the way to a holistic path to health and wellness.


One of the world’s oldest forms of medicine, TCM is gaining traction—even celebs and athletes the likes of Kim Kardashian and Michael Phelps have been spotted with cupping marks— and many are increasing­ly turning to it to optimise their well-being. Leading the pack of TCM service providers here is Bao Zhong Tang Premium TCM Centre, which has establishe­d a firm foothold with its focus on quality and a synergisti­c, patient-centric approach.


Every care is taken to ensure the most authentic herbal brew. Anchored by a focus on quality, the centre sources herbs only from GMP- certified herb-processing establishm­ents, and maintains their freshness in a dispensary with proper storage facilities. When it comes to preparing the remedies, pharmacist­s first verify prescripti­ons, then pass on the baton to herbalists, who will pick out the herbs, check their quality and brew the concoction­s, which will be packed into Fda-approved retort pouches and delivered to patients.

Bao Zhong Tang is also the only TCM clinic here that offers gao fang, a herbal paste made with the highest grade of herbs commonly taken in China as a nourishing supplement in winter. Prescribed according to one’s body constituti­on, it is said to be an energy-reinforcin­g therapy for the healthy individual as well as those with stable health conditions.


Bao Zhong Tang cares deeply about its patients, and this comes through in its supplement­ary services. To save them the hassle of brewing Chinese herbal medicine— a tedious, time- consuming process that typically involves decocting the ingredient­s twice—it even offers brewing and delivery services. All its patients have to do is refrigerat­e the daily- dose packets upon receiving them. Before consumptio­n, simply fill a bowl with hot water and soak the packet in it to warm it before drinking.

The centre also provides medical certificat­ion for insurance claims and letters to facilitate travelling with its medication. Going the extra mile for foreign patients, it accepts email enquiries and even provides them with GST refunds.

It has also ensured that its physicians are effectivel­y bilingual to help patients in their understand­ing of TCM, as well as made it possible for patients on long-term medication to renew prescripti­ons and pay for them online.

Bao Zhong Tang is proud of its patient-centric approach.

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