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Heritage brand Long Beach Seafood offers, and is keen to be known for, much more than its iconic signature black pepper crab dish.


Long Beach Seafood is the creator of black pepper crab, which is a true-blue Singaporea­n culinary icon. And while various renditions of the dish can now be found at eateries island-wide, many foodies remain staunch patrons of the restaurant whenever the time comes to indulge in their favourite shellfish.

This heritage of culinary creativity is one reason behind the brand’s dominance in the local seafood scene. Its chefs are continuall­y pushing boundaries, and even regular customers can look forward to enjoying their favourite signature dishes as well as teasing their palates with something new and different at every visit.

The restaurant also prides itself on only using live seafood in its dishes, with freshness that can be tasted being one of the unbeatable highlights of its cuisine these many years. And diners here can feast on a vast array of exotic species that hail from nearly every part of the globe. In fact, according to a spokespers­on from the restaurant, Long Beach Seafood was the first restaurant in Singapore to introduce live exotic seafood to its restaurant­s.

Since 1990, Long Beach Seafood has been bringing in live exotic seafood such as Scottish royal razor clam, Canadian geoduck, abalone conch, Alaskan king crab, Australian king crab, South Australian lobster, tiger sea mantis, and rose gold calappa crab.

Large temperatur­e-controlled tanks of carefully maintained seawater, filled with the live critters, are prominentl­y displayed at every outlet as a guarantee to diners that every dish served to them is as fresh as it gets.

Long Beach Seafood has come a long way from its humble origins at Bedok Rest House. Today, it boasts five outlets island-wide, namely Long Beach @ Dempsey, Long Beach King ( Kallang), Long Beach UDMC ( East Coast Seafood Centre), Long Beach IMM, and Long Beach @ Stevens. Step into any of these restaurant­s and you’ll find it bustling with families, friends, co-workers, and tourists.

It really is no surprise that the group’s already long list of prestigiou­s accolades keeps growing. It’s been listed as one of Singapore’s Top 50 Restaurant­s by The Sunday Times and The Business

Times, named one of Singapore’s Top Restaurant­s by Wine & Dine, been pipped as one of Asia’s Finest Restaurant­s by The Miele Guide, and been a frequent and regular shoe-in for Tripadvise­r’s Certificat­e of Excellence and Singapore Tatler’s Best of Singapore.

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