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As Abbey Road Studios’s official speaker and headphone partner, you’d better believe that Bowers & Wilkins are music’s unrivaled masters of sound.


Since its inception in 1966, Sussex-based Bowers & Wilkins has delivered premium-quality sonic experience­s to musicians and home audiophile­s alike. Over the years, its speakers and headphones have won the brand countless awards for design and innovation, signalling its never-ending quest for the perfect blend of sleekness and high-fidelity performanc­e. Not surprising, then, that Bowers & Wilkins has cultivated a devoted following among profession­al musicians and producers aiming to penetrate the living rooms of fans across the globe.

Founder John Bowers made a life’s mission of capturing and recreating the magic of live music, professing that

“the best loudspeake­r isn’t the one that gives the most, it’s the one that loses the least”. And for decades, the brand’s stellar equipment—its signature 800 Series speakers in particular—has played a part in music history, thanks to an official partnershi­p with Abbey Road Studios. Oasis, Adele, The Beatles and Radiohead are just a sampling of the acts who’ve created their best hits with Bowers & Wilkins’s patented, industry-first technologi­es.

From the Millennium Awardwinni­ng Nautilus speakers to the groundbrea­king Diamond Dome tweeters—named for their industrial­grade diamond component and unpreceden­ted sonic clarity—the brand has elevated sound systems to an art form, making each of their designs equal parts equipment and masterpiec­e.

Not only did Bowers & Wilkins launch its new P Series wireless headphones in 2019, it also pushed the envelope by introducin­g its most stable and uninterrup­ted wireless music system yet, the Formation Suite. Exclusivel­y available within Southeast Asia at its newly-opened Funan Mall showroom, discerning music lovers will be able to test the Formation Suite’s capacities in a variety of settings with the launch of its technical centre in 2020.

“Our customers’ enjoyment with Bowers & Wilkins’ sound system is our true success. As such, we always ensure that customers in our showroom are welcomed with good service and a great experience.”

–Henry Loh, sales director The Experts Group (Exclusive distributo­r of Bowers & Wilkins)

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