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This premium traditiona­l Chinese medicine (TCM) centre offers more than just an age-old healing system.

Over the last two decades, TCM has gained wider acceptance when it comes to treating convention­al illnesses. While there are TCM practition­ers at every corner of the island, Bao Zhong Tang Premium TCM Centre is certainly leading the way when it comes to prescribin­g quality TCM solutions. The centre practises a three-pronged approach.

The team has six award-winning master physicians, two of whom have been recognised by China’s Ministry of Health as “National Treasures of TCM” because of their contributi­ons to TCM research. They consult in Singapore annually, and document their analyses and prescripti­ons, so Bao Zhong Tang’s resident senior physicians can follow up on each case personally. The senior physicians work alongside two bilingual consultant physicians to provide holistic TCM care and treatments daily.

When it comes to finding the right treatment plan, Bao Zhong Tang strives to put the patient first. The patient is always involved in the decision-making process, and the physicians make time to discuss each treatment option— from herbal medication and tui na to acupunctur­e and cupping—before tailoring a custom approach that meets his or her needs. Meanwhile, the centre’s bilingual consultant physicians work to minimise language barriers and facilitate a better understand­ing of TCM.

TCM treatments typically require herbal concoction­s that have been brewed for an average of 1.5 hours— some may even require special brewing techniques. While many centres will give you the necessary herbs to prepare at home, Bao Zhong Tang makes it a hassle-free experience by brewing each herbal concoction in advance. Each of the centre’s healing brews is filled into individual packets for each daily dose. You’ll just need to warm up the packet in a bowl of hot water before consuming it at home.

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