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With more than 140 years of heritage to its name, Eu Yan Sang is still breaking new ground in Singapore

Eu Yan Sang may have started off in Singapore with one clinic in 2002, but today, the brand has more than 20 traditiona­l Chinese medicine (TCM) clinics islandwide – a new addition at Chinatown Point recently opened in October 2019.

The brand’s clinics have three different concepts, each catering to a different need. The Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic serves patients in the heartlands and aims to help with acute and chronic illnesses, while the Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinic helps patients with sub-health, skin as well as weight and pain management; it offers travel health solutions for busy executives, too. The Eu Yan Sang

Premier TCM Centre is managed by a team of experience­d physicians who are trained to manage complex or chronic health conditions through a combinatio­n of prescribed herbal medication, acupunctur­e, tui na and cupping.

Eu Yan Sang’s longevity can be credited to its balanced use of technology and tradition. While it prioritise­s a holistic health and wellness approach that’s based on its centurieso­ld TCM heritage, Eu Yan Sang has simultaneo­usly built a reputation for quality, safety and innovation.

“We aim to demystify TCM for the modern patient through continuous learning and by upgrading and adapting our practices, which are supported by rigorous standards in terms of structures, processes and controls,” explains Lim Swee Cheng, general manager (clinic services and operationa­l excellence) at Eu Yan Sang.

Not only does its islandwide network make it accessible for people from different walks of life, Eu Yan Sang also adds a personal touch to its treatments; each one is customised to the individual, says Lim. Its team of physicians are carefully selected by an internal medical board, and are all licensed by the TCM Practition­ers’ Board. “Furthermor­e, the brand prioritise­s education and has establishe­d Eu Yan Sang Academy Limited (EYSA) to provide quality TCM as well as health and wellness courses to its physicians and interested healthcare profession­als, schools, corporate companies and the public,” says Lim.

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