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This skincare boutique believes that your beauty routine should be unique to you.

Dr Susan Teng’s first encounter with skincare as a teenager was disappoint­ing. “I bought some skincare products before I found out that I had been cheated,” she sighs. However, instead of brushing off the incident, she used it as motivation to enrol in beauty school to learn the ins and outs of skincare. Dr Teng also honed her techniques by performing facials on her friends, and their positive feedback inspired her to use skincare as a tool to help others build their self-confidence.

In 2003, Dr Teng introduced the Japanese brand MTM Skincare into Singapore. The idea behind the brand is simple: If your skin is not the same as anyone else’s, then your skincare should not be either. “We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all skin-care product, and understand the importance of tailoring skincare to your individual needs, as this is what gets you the best results time and time again,” explains Dr Teng. “Through custom-blended skincare management, we examine every nuance of your skin, and strive to decode the secrets in its subtleties,” she adds.

MTM Skincare offers an unrivalled range of custom-blended skincare products and facial treatments. Each one is designed by a team of experts in Japan, and is specially blended to suit and improve your skin condition. “Before recommendi­ng products, services or profession­al advice, we analyse a customer’s skin condition and listen to their problems first. With our computeris­ed skin analysis, we are able to provide optimum results,” says Kelly Keak, managing director of MTM Skincare.

Its team of profession­al beauty consultant­s and beautician­s also aim to build long-term relationsh­ips with customers. “They consider your skin condition, budget and your feelings in every situation, and this is how we aim to provide excellent service each time. We make them feel at home,” Keak explains. The team also values any suggestion­s you may have about potential skincare solutions. “And if you’re unsure about how a custom solution will suit you, the trained staff will answer any questions you may have,” says Dr Teng.

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