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Prevention, not cure, is the key if you’re looking to stave off hair loss, says this haircare clinic.

Living in Singapore can be stressful for your hair follicles, as the constant heat and humidity may cause it to get clogged. Dieting, ageing and lifestyle choices affect your scalp, too, and it’s all too easy to ignore hair loss until it becomes significan­t, says Elizabeth Leong, Papilla

Haircare’s CEO.

“Most people pay more attention to their skin, failing to realise that the sooner you begin scalp treatments, the better your success rates for reversing hair loss,” she says, adding that severe hair loss will take longer to treat.

At Papilla, reversing hair loss is achievable through science and technology, and the medically-backed hair and scalp centre specialise­s in hair regrowth and hair loss treatments. A signature treatment at Papilla is the DEP Activator, which uses the only Fda-approved technology in the world for scalp care. In addition to being non-invasive, the treatment is also suitable for both men and women.

“Our treatments are designed by dermatolog­ists,” explains Leong. “And we specialise in providing the latest scalp innovation­s and treatments using stem cell technology and medically proven techniques. Papilla has its own laboratory in South Korea, and its scientists continuous­ly research and develop better advances in scalp care. In 2016, Papilla’s stem cell technology was awarded with an Excellence in Bio-science Technology award by South’s Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.

“Papilla’s stem cell technology is also used by hair transplant clinics in Korea, which shows how trusted our protocols are,” says Leong. “We base each of our offerings on proven scientific research, clinical papers and verified data. As such, we have more than 4,000 successful patient cases to date,” says Leong.

“We deliver results, we are backed by medical science and we don’t compromise on our clients.”

–Elizabeth Leong, CEO, Papilla Haircare

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