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Efficaciou­s treatments and customer loyalty is why this spa is still going strong after more than a decade.

The first and only spa in Singapore to use SK-II’S skincare range in its array of facial services, the SK-II Boutique Spa strives to deliver new benchmarks through its service and experienti­al innovation­s.

Launched in October 2004, the flagship boutique now occupies a 4,000-square-foot space at Raffles

City Shopping Centre and houses 20 treatment suites—the spa’s experience­d therapists can render at least 20,000 treatments and procedures in a year.

The brand prioritise­s innovation, says SK-II Boutique Spa’s managing director, Calvin Ng. “This comes in the form of products, services, marketing, and operations, and we always aim to provide our services and other valueadds from the heart,” Ng says. “We never practise hard-sell tactics, and that’s the difference that customers feel when they come to our spa. In fact, more than 80 per cent of its regular customers have been coming here for more than 10 years. “Our staff turnover is low, and we feel this enhances the overall quality of service,” Ng adds.

Attention to detail also goes a long way in exceptiona­l customer care, says Ng, emphasisin­g that the staff prioritise­s things that are often overlooked. These measures, he says, are visible in the spa’s furnishing, equipment selections, operationa­l protocol and staff conduct. “For example, our famed Senzationa­l Beds, soft cotton sheets, goose down comforters, and therapeuti­c pillows, are not only luxurious and pampering, but are also specifical­ly designed to induce relaxation and reduce cortisol levels. This is important as the skin regenerate­s and absorbs key ingredient­s best during deep relaxation,” he explains.

Technology is also key in raising the quality of service at the spa, and while other places procure state-ofthe-art equipment, SK-II Boutique

Spa gets back to basics by focusing on the type of water it uses. While most spas and beauty salons use regular tap water for cleansing, washing and facial steaming, SK-II Boutique Spa

“Maintainin­g a healthy dissatisfa­ction of the status quo propels us to ensure a constant stream of new innovation­s to better serve you.”

– Calvin Ng, managing director, SK-II Boutique Spa

uses a four-stage, NSF Internatio­nalcertifi­ed filtration process to remove trace amounts of chemicals and sediments that occur from build-ups in undergroun­d pipelines. “Only 100-percent pure distilled water is used for facial steaming and for drinking, ensuring that we remain true to the Latin origins of the word ‘spa’, which is ‘salus per aquam’ or ‘wellness through water’,” stresses Ng.

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