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Put your best face forward with this award-winning clinic’s unique skin treatments.

Acne may sound minor when compared to other ailments or illnesses, but according to Dr Gerard Ee, The Clifford Clinic’s medical director, adult acne can be difficult or complicate­d to treat. Furthermor­e, he adds, acne cannot be cured with over-the-counter products. “While these may temporaril­y improve acne conditions, it rarely addresses the root cause of the problem,” says Dr Ee.

This is why The Clifford Clinic has curated some of the best acne treatments in the industry. These are designed to address active acne conditions, but patients who face acne complicati­ons such as scarring and spots can opt for scar removal procedures, too. This gives patients a onestop solution for their acne problems.

The most popular procedure for active acne cases is AGNES. A collaborat­ive effort between Japanese scientists and a Korean dermatolog­ist, the AGNES procedure treats problemati­c pores on your face to minimise acne breakouts. “When researcher­s in Japan used digital mapping on skin, they found that pores that were repeatedly being blocked were responsibl­e for up to 90 per cent of the acne on your face,” explains Dr Chow Yuen Ho, who is also the clinic’s medical director. “Once the pores were treated with AGNES, the acne did not reoccur for at least a couple of years after the last treatment.”

Convenienc­e matters, too, which is why the Q-switch and Vbeam laser procedures were added to the clinic’s repertoire. Both procedures produce a non-invasive light at specific wavelength­s on the treatment area. These lasers are designed to target the bacteria that reside on your skin, which are responsibl­e for breakouts and recurring acne.

Dr Ee and Dr Chow also keep abreast with the latest technologi­es and scientific studies to discover new ways to manage acne. “We often import the latest technologi­es and techniques from around the world and test new machines or procedures on ourselves. If these show positive results, we won’t hesitate to offer them to our patients,” says Dr Chow.

One such offering is the new Dermagold Acne treatment. The Fdaapprove­d treatment is the clinic’s latest acne management procedure and uses heated gold nanopartic­les to modify pores and glands that create acne. “It reduces the amount of oil and sebum your skin produces, which effectivel­y treats acne at its root,” explains Dr Ee. The pioneering procedure is available exclusivel­y at

The Clifford Clinic.

The Clifford Clinic’s range of solutions was chosen because of each of their efficacies in solving acne and related complicati­ons such as depressed or hypertroph­ic scarring. However, cautions Dr Chow, the success rate for each treatment depends on the patient’s condition. “Some may require more treatment than others, but our patients are often more than satisfied with the results of the treatment provided, which puts a smile on our faces,” he says.

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