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This bespoke menswear house is known for creating some of Singapore’s most stylish looks.

Nothing says smart and sophistica­ted like a welltailor­ed suit or jacket that fits like a glove. After all, a finely-clad man is dressed for success, exudes class and is way ahead of the pack.

Founded by master tailor Thomas Wong, The Prestigiou­s Bespoke is Singapore’s only bespoke house where commission­s are crafted entirely under one roof, setting the standard for bespoke men’s tailors in Singapore.

With the expertly-stitched garments by The Prestigiou­s Bespoke, you can count on getting a perfect fit in its finest form. Their acclaimed tailors painstakin­gly custom-make high-end shirts, suits and jackets by hand with skill and dexterity. Highly esteemed for the calibre of their couturiers—among whom are fashion college lecturers and top graduates of British institutes—the house is renowned for their exquisite handicraft and emphasis on excellence.

Here, the tailor who measures you is also the one drafting, making and completing your garment. Every piece is made on-site without being outsourced to others or transferre­d elsewhere, ensuring that nothing is compromise­d from start to finish.

In keeping with long-standing traditions of authentic artistry, what makes The Prestigiou­s Bespoke stand out is its commitment to investing and nurturing talented tailors. A further testament to its unwavering dedication to skill mastery and quality control: It is Singapore’s only house to send its team to internatio­nal tailoring conference­s every year in order to facilitate skill exchanges with global peers. In 2019, the tailors from The Prestigiou­s Bespoke were the only ones from Singapore in attendance at the World Federation of Master Tailors Conference in

Verona, Italy.

With their exacting standards and superior skill, evident in every stitch, getting outfitted in a suit by The Prestigiou­s Bespoke is the finishing touch you need to make your mark.

“A good tailor is almost like a doctor. The patron can only tell you how he feels. You, the tailor, must figure how to present him at his very best.”

– Thomas Wong, technical director and Lasalle College of the Arts lecturer

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