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Dr Felix Li from Thomson Wellth Aesthetics Clinic shares the secret to youthful contours with non-surgical facelifts.

Every face and expression will convey unique messages to the onlooker. It lets them know if we are feeling happy or sad, energetic or tired, confident or unattracti­ve. As we age, the messages of our faces change, and may no longer accurately reflect the way we feel inside. “It is therefore our mission at Thomson Wellth Aesthetics Clinic to reduce the negative messages and enhance the positive messages of every face, empowering each patient to confidentl­y put forth the best of themselves,” explains Dr Felix Li, lead doctor at Thomson Wellth Aesthetics Clinic.

“In your teens, you find that there are hardly any changes to your face over time. However, from a certain age onwards, you start noticing that your face begins to change each year,” he explains. “Yet gravity—a key component in facial changes that occur due to ageing—remains the same in your teens and in middle age.” This is because in youth, there is an abundance of soft tissue support that resists gravity, but as you age, loss of collagen, laxity of ligaments and malpositio­ning of fat leads to the loss of tissue support, which results in facial changes over time, giving rise to the negative messages that the face portrays.

At the same time, the face does not age in a single layer, but rather as a whole. As such, over-treating a single layer with multiple skin-tightening treatments or soft tissue filling can often lead to unnatural results.

“You should address each layer appropriat­ely using a combinatio­n of targeted, personalis­ed methods. This will help achieve optimal and natural results for each individual,” he advises.

Therefore, a successful non-surgical facelift must go beyond delivering desirable aesthetic outcomes in the short term. It must also restore support to make the face more resilient to the effects of ageing in the long run. “In that way, even if the patient decides to discontinu­e treatments after

“At Thomson Wellth Aesthetics Clinic, we aim to empower each patient to confidentl­y put forward the best of themselves.”

–Dr Felix Li, lead doctor, Thomson Wellth Aesthetics Clinic

a certain number of years, she will look more youthful then, than before she began her treatments—even though she is physically older.”

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