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Nurturing and restoring your locks has never been easier, thanks to Follicle’s all-encompassi­ng, medical-grade hair care treatments.

In times gone by, hair was fittingly referred to as a person’s crowning glory; it was a natural adornment of the face, and a symbol of health and beauty. We may not be defined by the hair that sits on our scalps these days, but its well-being and overall appearance continues to exert a sizeable impact on our self-esteem.

Whether it’s hereditary pattern baldness, stress, hormonal imbalance or a medical condition, a variety of factors can contribute to unwanted hair loss, thinning, and damage; hair loss, for example, can affect an estimated 70 per cent of men and 30 per cent of women during their lifetimes. Fortunatel­y, where surgical interventi­on was once the only sustainabl­e remedy, there now exists a plethora of non-invasive solutions for both men and women.

Follicle, which opened in 2016 and is based in a luxurious Ngee Ann City office, aims to empower those suffering from hair issues through its wide range of research-based, curative and preventati­ve hair treatments developed by Korean trichologi­sts. Take for example its doctor-formulated Meso Scalp Remedy, which relies on a triple-threat of bio-ionic, stem cell and laser light technologi­es to rejuvenate and strengthen hair follicles.

To maximise treatment efficacy, Follicle’s trichology-trained team also offer long-term, lifestyle management advice to help clients keep hair healthy. These range from sharing diet, hygiene and hair care tips to cautioning against hairstyles that place one’s hair and scalp under unnecessar­y stress.

For its cutting-edge technology, comprehens­ive treatment plans and attentive customer service, Follicle has rightfully earned a place on Singapore Tatler’s Best of Singapore list for three consecutiv­e years.

“At Follicle, we are results-driven. Our service treatments & products are formulated by doctors and Korean trichologi­sts.”

–Elayne Soh, CEO,

Follicle Hair Care Centre

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