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Heritage stands the test of time at Long Beach Seafood.


Apremium seafood restaurant with multiple locations islandwide, Long Beach Seafood has been a mainstay in Singapore’s dining scene for close to seven decades. It’s still the preferred choice of many seafood enthusiast­s and offers a wide variety of signature seafood dishes.

Long Beach Seafood’s biggest claim to fame is undoubtedl­y its Original Black Pepper Crab. Created in 1982, the original cooking techniques and recipe for the dish are still kept to till this day by the restaurant. Heritage plays a big role in Long Beach Seafood’s decision to maintain the authencity of the dish, as it helps establish a sense of identity for the restaurant and brings traditiona­l flavours and tastes to the customers. There are other must-haves here, too, as many patrons order the Australian Lobster Sashimi and the Golden Stripe Lobster—the latter is coated in cereal and is a delicious take on the familiar cereal prawn dish.

Long Beach Seafood was one of the first restaurant­s to introduce live exotic seafood in 1980, an offering that you will now find at all its branches. The catch at each outlet’s live tanks is always fresh and this is achieved through temperatur­e-controlled saltwater tanks, which are installed and managed by a profession­al team. The staff also carries out daily checks to measure temperatur­e and salt levels.

The restaurant has notched up plenty of awards, which its team feels has helped assure customers that the food quality, service, creativity and overall concept have remained steady over the years. The awards also encourage the team to constantly improve and upgrade their skills so diners can have an unforgetta­ble meal.

The restaurant may uphold tradition, but it is also not afraid to innovate.

Its upcoming outlet at The Quayside in

Robertson Quay will offer a new dining style that’s different from what customers have come to expect, says the Long Beach Seafood team, promising that it will be a special experience.


25 DEMPSEY ROAD, S249670


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