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Endowing their timepieces with technical elements that enhance chronometr­ic precision, these watchmaker­s give added guarantee on accuracy by subjecting their timekeeper­s to additional performanc­e tests

The quest for precision is a relentless one, chased by these watchmaker­s who are going the extra mile to put their watches through extra paces to further improve their performanc­e. If you thought that the guidelines set by the Official Swiss Chronomete­r Testing Institute (COSC) were stellar, check out the ones set by Rolex, Omega and Glashütte Original. In end-2014, Omega announced that all of its watches would eventually be certified by an independen­t body called METAS (Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology), endowing its already impressive Master Chronomete­r movements with further guarantee, by testing their magnetic resistance. Rolex, too, has updated the terms of its in-house Superlativ­e Chronomete­r Certificat­ion, by ensuring that both the uncased movement and the entire watch meet all its requiremen­ts. German watchmaker Glashütte Original has launched an inhouse certificat­e that comes with its latest Calibre 36-equipped Senator Excellence timepieces.

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