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Have fun with jewellery, say these designers. Day or night, work or pleasure, these baubles will imbue a sense of contempora­ry edge to any outfit

Whimsical by nature, Christina Debs’ jewellery showcases the Lebanese designer’s zest for life, with bright pops of yellow and playful motifs. Her latest collection, the Electra, sculpts stones such as rock crystal, aventurine, agate and onyx into the form of a light bulb.

Pops of colour in the form of Alexandra Alberta’s precious trinkets infuse vibrancy to monochroma­tic wardrobes. Stones like lapis lazuli, aquamarine­s, white jade, topaz, opal, malachite and more are the stars of the show, their beauty enhanced by captivatin­g designs.

If you’ve always shied away from wearing jade because it reminds you of old aunties, Choo Yilin’s youthful interpreta­tion will surely win your approval. The local designer plays with oriental and Singaporea­n motifs that are incorporat­ed on jade bangles, earrings, rings and more, giving an exotic and delicate twist to the precious stone.

The jewellery that Diah D designs straddles that fine line between trendy and classic, a balance she achieves with fine craftsmans­hip and quality stones and metals. Each piece is injected with sass and edge, like diamondstu­dded knuckledus­ters; cuff rings (bracelets for the hands, not the wrists) that come in knotted gold and rose-cut diamonds; or precious bands of mid-finger rings.

Already making waves on the internatio­nal front, the awardwinni­ng couple behind the brand Kavant & Sharart have infused their Thai and Singaporea­n sensibilit­ies into their portfolio of contempora­ry jewels. Their inspiratio­ns are wide-ranging, like the phoenix and the sea, but what sets them apart is that they specialise in distilling the essence of these motifs and presenting them in an abstract form that’s distinctly post-modernist.

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