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The buzzword these couple of years is "disruptive". To succeed in this new-age economy, one has to eschew traditions and be a disruptor. But the word has been over-used and to a certain extent, bastardise­d.

Because there is no need to go against traffic to succeed. If anything, taking an alternativ­e route is all it takes. Which means that in the world of watchmakin­g, there is no need to create watches with futuristic complicati­ons. Ditto jewellery crafting—beautiful designs with brilliant gemstones still strike a chord with the audience; experiment­ing with unconventi­onal stones or techniques is superfluou­s.

Here at Jewels & Time, we're all for classicism. We don't mean sticking to the same old. Innovation is important but only if it means a significan­t improvemen­t to performanc­e or aesthetics. Take the cover watch brand, Patek Philippe, for instance. It has been in the watch trade since 1839 but its watches have looked largely similar over the years. What Patek has done is make minor enhancemen­ts to its design, movement and production techniques so that its creations remain relevant and appealing to modern consumers.

The same can be said about the plethora of brands covered in this issue. They may have changed their marketing tack. But their core strength of crafting superlativ­e products remains. Our local jewellers have also taken a leaf out of the books of their internatio­nal counterpar­ts. They stay true to their crafts and principles, focusing on improving service standards and pushing their own craftsmans­hip and creativity boundaries.

To mark our fifth anniversar­y, this issue takes on a refreshed look. We have kept our core of delivering insightful reports of the watch and jewellery industries and beautiful, curated visuals of novelties and trends. We have, however, kept the stories snappy while presenting them with a more visual approach. There will also be a stronger synergy between our print stories and the ones on Hope you like the new look. Enjoy!

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