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The Bulgari Octo Finissimo Squelette gets all pumped-up

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Bulgari has been on a roll with its Octo Finissimo line of watches, breaking ultra-thin record after record. The rewriting of technical feats has gotten the watch cognoscent­i to take notice of the collection. Due credit has to be given to the watchmaker­s for innovating clever ways to minimise the space between the movement components. Take the Octo Finissimo Squelette, for instance. Its Calibre BVL 128SK barely measures 2.35mm thick but provides a whopping 60 hours of power reserve. Last year’s variant came sheathed in black with gilded touches on the bezel and hands. The 2017 edition, however, takes on a full-matte grey look. Its titanium case matches the grey of exposed movement components, making the highly technical watch look sporty and masculine.

A chance meeting between Caratell founder Michael Koh and Moritz Grossmann CEO Christine Hutter led to the creation of this watch named Sleeping Beauty. Both the local jeweller and the Glashütte-based watch brand were exhibitors at a Singapore yacht show in 2016. During the meeting, Koh and Hutter realised the synergy between the two firms and this led to the partnershi­p which saw Koh designing and Moritz Grossman producing the unusual watch—it has visible lugs only on the left side of the case and a sloping dialplate. Because of the peculiarit­ies, the developmen­t process took nearly a year with extra time spent on prototypin­g and production. The result is a unique yet elegant ladies’ Tefnut model with a whimsical moonphase display. Koh’s expertise with gemstones also sees the manual-winding piece, which comes in four colourways, decorated with different jewels.

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 ??  ?? Tefnut Sleeping Beauty by MORITZ GROSSMANN
from Caratell.
Tefnut Sleeping Beauty by MORITZ GROSSMANN from Caratell.

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