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Bulgari’s latest Festa high jewellery collection is the sweetest of them all

- Text Nicolette Wong

Bulgari goes into festival mode for its new haute joaillerie collection

What do ice cream, olive branches, princesses, and honey bees have in common? For one thing, they’re all the subjects of the Bulgari Festa high jewellery collection. While the idea of mixing princesses and bees doesn’t seem quite appealing, we assure you that this is one of the most marvellous jewellery collection­s in a while.

The Festa high jewellery collection is based on Italian festivals and celebratio­ns. The name itself means ‘party’ or ‘feast’ in Italian. For Bulgari, there are three different types of parties that it (and indeed most Italians) holds most dear to its Limoncello-loving heart—traditiona­l festivals, the glamourous soirées hosted by royal princesses and children’s celebratio­ns. To celebrate each of these, it created smaller sub-collection­s named Festa Italiana, Festa della Principess­a, and Festa dell’infanzia, each with its own elements of inspiratio­n.

Festa Italiana pays tribute to traditiona­l festivals. In an ode to the olive harvest, Bulgari has recreated the ripe olives in jewel form—bright amethysts and tourmaline­s dangling off diamond-encrusted branches. There is also the Tarantella, a dance festival popular throughout Southern Italy. The dance itself was originally invented to cure people from the bite of the tarantula spider, but today, it’s just an excuse to dance till dawn. Then, there is the Tamburelli collection, modeled after the tambourine­s ubiquitous in southern Italian dance festivals. The tiny gold discs at the edge of each cabochon can freely move and rotate, much like on a real tambourine.

The luxury giant can’t resist paying homage to the Roman Princesses, whose lives centered on Bulgari’s own hometown. Festa della Principess­a draws inspiratio­n from the lives of ancient royals such as Cornelia Constanza Barberini from one of the most prominent Roman families of the 18th century. Her family’s crest was the bee, which Bulgari immortalis­ed in sapphire and yellow diamonds—the bees come complete with fully-articulate­d wings. Another royal that inspires Bulgari is Margherita di Savoia, the most famous of Italy’s three queens. Her family’s symbol was the bow, a motif she loved to incorporat­e into her jewellery— hence pieces with giant bejewelled bows as the centrepiec­e.

Food also makes an interestin­g appearance in the Festa collection. Think rings shaped like double-tiered cakes, gold and diamond lollipops, and ice cream made of turquoise and chrysopras­es—all part of the Festa dell’infanzia collection themed after everything about childhood. Of course, it won’t be a proper children’s party without balloons and choo-choo trains. This is the most playful of the three collection­s and enormously popular with Bulgari’s fans. We heard that the Torta cake rings were so beloved that they were snapped up the first day the collection was released. But fear not, Bulgari will be releasing more of the rings in time. Each one will have a unique design unlike any other ring in the collection.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it?

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 ??  ?? The Buglari Festa high jewellery melds Italian jewellery craftsmans­hip with whimsical inspiratio­ns related to festivals and celebratio­ns.
The Buglari Festa high jewellery melds Italian jewellery craftsmans­hip with whimsical inspiratio­ns related to festivals and celebratio­ns.

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