Miki­moto flexes its de­sign mus­cles to reach a younger de­mo­graphic

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Pearl jew­ellery are for the young too

To see how a suc­cess­ful a brand is, just look at how closely con­sumers re­late its name to its prod­uct. Think Mcdon­ald’s to fast food and Fer­rari to fast cars. Miki­moto is another stel­lar ex­am­ple. Men­tion its name and ev­ery­one thinks of beau­ti­ful pearl jew­ellery.

But to cater to mod­ern tastes, the Ja­panese jew­eller has been re-in­vent­ing it­self and cre­at­ing pieces that break out of the box. They look vastly dif­fer­ent but re­tain the brand’s core val­ues of el­e­gance and so­phis­ti­ca­tion.

Take the newly launched M Col­lec­tion, for in­stance. In­stead of or­nate pearl cre­ations, Miki­moto went for sim­plic­ity. Whether it’s a ring, pen­dant or a pair of ear­rings, an M-shaped struc­ture holds a sin­gle white South Sea cul­tured pearl. The “M” ini­tial is a trib­ute to the sur­name of brand founder Ko­kichi Miki­moto. The clean, un­ob­structed M-frame al­lows the lus­tre of the pearls to shine through promi­nently and its el­e­gance is en­hanced when set with di­a­monds. Pearls of three sizes—11.5mm, 12mm and 12.5mm in di­am­e­ter—are spe­cially cho­sen for this col­lec­tion.

While pearl jew­ellery has al­ways been as­so­ci­ated with for­mal­wear, the M Col­lec­tion de­fies all norms as it’s clearly de­signed for daily wear. Its aes­thet­ics are sim­ple and pieces dainty, mak­ing the col­lec­tion highly wear­able.

Another new range with the same de­sign aes­thet­ics as the M Col­lec­tion is the Coral Col­lec­tion. Sim­ple el­e­gance is the cen­tral theme that cour­ses through­out the range. In­spired by coral branches, the pieces are crafted out of white or pink gold and shaped to look like the sea crea­ture. Akoya pearls and/or di­a­monds are then embedded be­tween the gold “branches” in a ran­dom or­der. The Coral Col­lec­tion con­sists of mostly pen­dants with a pair of ear­rings, a bracelet and a brooch round­ing it off.

The col­lec­tion’s pink gold bracelet is one of the more in­ter­est­ing cre­ations—a sim­ple coral mo­tif serves as a clasp, while seven lu­mi­nous pearls of vary­ing sizes are scat­tered along a fine pink gold chain. Clean, sim­ple and el­e­gant, it once again makes for easy wear­ing.

Both col­lec­tions are clearly the Ja­panese mar­que’s at­tempt at ap­peal­ing to the younger set. By go­ing sim­ple and ba­sic, it sheds the pre­con­ceived no­tion of pearls be­ing fuddy-duddy and old school. Pearl jew­ellery, when de­signed well, can also be part of a woman’s daily fash­ion en­sem­ble.

Hun­gar­ian su­per model Eniko Mi­ha­lik is fea­tured in the new Miki­moto ad­ver­tis­ing cam­paign, wear­ing the clas­sic Akoya cul­tured pearl neck­lace and M Col­lec­tion ear­rings.

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