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Things get up to speed at Roger Dubuis with a new partnershi­p

- Text Terence Lim

Roger Dubuis's latest co-driver

Never one to do the same old, same old, Roger Dubuis announced the partnershi­p with Italian tyremaker Pirelli, one of the most recognisab­le marques in motorsport, in January. It’s an interestin­g alliance since both brands speak to luxury clients. But what other tangiblee benefits does the partnershi­p bring out?

Referring to how tough the year looks set to be, Roger Dubuis CEO Jean-marc Pontroue feels that novelties alone will not be enough. In an interview with the Financial Times,es, he said: “I think we must also bring new experience­s to customers. With that in mind, we’ll be announcing three newew automotive partnershi­ps this year, the first of which will be with Pirelli. Through the Pirelli partnershi­p . . . buyers will be invited to take part in very special events relating to the car r world. We need stories to tell.”

And Pontroue is probably right. The wizardry that the watch industry conjures up will not be appreciate­d by the masses if the consumers are not aware about it. This is where re story-telling will make a difference.

As a first initiative of the collaborat­ion between the marques, two special-edition Excalibur Spider timepieces will feature straps with rubber inlays from Pirelli tyres. These t tyres are not runo of-the-mill wheels b but winning o ones, which have b been certified To completeco the PirelliPir connection, the inlaysi come with t the tread motifs synony synonymous with a Cinturato intermedia­te tyre as well as the pops of blue — the same shade as the tyre letterings— that are applied on the inner bezel ring, hands, crown and indicators. But making the Pirelli watches collectibl­es are the exclusive experience­s tagged with the purchases. Eight lucky owners of the Excalibur Spider Pirelli Double Flying Tourbillon will be hosted by Pirelli to a two-day VIP program at a motorsport event. The 88 owners of the Excalibur Spider Pirelli Automatic Skeleton will then be invited to exclusive, local Pirelli events. The idea of coupling such high-end and unparallel­ed experience­s with a watch purchase is not common. It may just be what will steer Roger Dubuis to the chequered flag this year.

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 ??  ?? Things should get racy with Roger Dubuis’ partnershi­p with Pirelli.
Things should get racy with Roger Dubuis’ partnershi­p with Pirelli.

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