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For Christian Dior, the rose des vents was more than a lucky charm

- Text Terence Lim Photograph­y Betina Dutoit

Monsieur Christian Dior was a superstiti­ous man and the wind rose— an eight-pointed star used in sea travel— was one of his many lucky symbols. Dior Joaillerie creative director Victoire de Castellane took the wind rose and breathed new life into it, rolling it out as a range of modern, highly wearable fine jewellery two years ago. She designed the wind rose as a medallion with one side showing a hard stone and the other the star. Tiny rice-shaped gold grains encircle the medallion as it sits pretty on a necklace, bracelet or as a set of earrings. Malachite makes its debut this year. A yellow gold bib necklace variant is also new. Wear it on its own or stacked with several other pieces to make an immediate impression.

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