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At Madly Gems, one always gets the best of both worlds—quality stones with beautiful, intricate designs


The two founders of Madly Gems, Maddy Barber (left) and Emily Tan, are as different as chalk and cheese. The former, also a radio personalit­y, is bubbly and efferversc­ent, while the latter is quiet and reserved. While they may be different in personalit­y, the duo makes up complement­ary halves in the business: Barber manages the business, while Tan is the creative lead, who has bags of experience in the jewellery trade. This arrangemen­t has worked well for the two-year-old outfit as it grows from strength to strength.

Today, the by-appointmen­t-only marque stocks some ready-to-wear jewellery creations, which serve as tantalisin­g appetisers to the grander and more elaborate bespoke pieces that Madly Gems can design and produce.

What Madly Gems also impresses customers with is the quality of the gemstones it brings in. Whether it’s a tanzanite, spinel or garnet, one can be sure that its colour is rich and intense and the stone is clear and well-cut. Couple that with the brand’s design aesthetics, one can be assured that the stone’s good qualities can shine through.

 ??  ?? 72 Seng Poh Road #01-63 Tel: (65) 6650 1544 Mon to Sat (10.30am to 5pm) Instagram: @madlygems MADLY GEMS
72 Seng Poh Road #01-63 Tel: (65) 6650 1544 Mon to Sat (10.30am to 5pm) Instagram: @madlygems MADLY GEMS

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