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Simone Ng’s own personalit­y and dedication to craft and quality drive Simone Jewels to great heights


Simone Ng, the founder and executive creative director of Simone Jewels, is always dressed elegantly, exudes an air of quiet sophistica­tion and fields questions with poise. Her personalit­y is very much reflected in the 12-year-old brand.

Her designs are well-thought through as she shows a meticulous attention to details. She never adds superfluou­s elements but insists on enhancing the creation even if it means extra work—all in the name of design, if you will. Of course, Ng’s keen eye for details also means the gemstones—diamonds, coloured gems or otherwise—are of the most premium quality and standards.

Ng believes in creating wearable art that accentuate­s the beauty of a woman. So, whether it’s part of her annual collection or a bespoke creation, every piece of jewellery is one-of-a-kind. And she adds the whimsical element of story-telling to her creations too. Every collection comes with long hours of research as it is inspired by genres the likes of history, literature, architectu­re and culture.

From gorgeous designs to quality stones to astute branding, Simone Jewels is very much the complete package.

 ??  ?? contactus@simonejewe­ www.simonejewe­ Instagram: @simonejewe­ls SIMONE JEWELS
contactus@simonejewe­ www.simonejewe­ Instagram: @simonejewe­ls SIMONE JEWELS

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