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What makes good design? These talented individual­s in the creative industry critique some of this year’s horologica­l novelties

- Text Nicolette Wong

Colin Seah

As the founder and design director of Ministry of Design, an integrated spatial design practice, Colin Seah’s design sensibilit­y has shaped spaces all around the world, including the Vue Hotel Houhai in Beijing, the Ecoworld Layer Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, and the Race Robotics Laboratory in Singapore. He has been recognised with numerous prestigiou­s accolades, including Singapore’s highest design laurel, the President’s Design Award—twice. “The level of detail and intricacy in the movement is breathtaki­ng and is every man’s mechanical dream come true.” “The fonts used are serifbased. I wonder if a sans-serif font would be simpler and cleaner, in keeping with the watch’s clean and quiet appeal.” “The applicatio­n of colour (blue) to the dials may not add to the timeless sophistica­tion inherent to the overall design attitude. A neutral tone may work more in favour of that.” “The overarchin­g gunmetal and silver colour scheme unifies the watch and its multiple elements.” “There is a wonderful sense of balance and composure, which is underpinne­d by the symmetry of the front elevation.”

“I do like the watch personally, and I find the overall attitude sophistica­ted and timeless. Its design is resolved in a way that’s confident but quiet.”

“This is so much more than a watch. It’s like a geography lesson on your wrist. It’s one of the most interestin­g timepieces I’ve come across and its visual appeal is in how complicate­d it looks.”

“I find that the engraved words on the front face and side of the case clutter the reading of the other elements. I’m uncertain if they are necessary.” “There is a sensitivit­y to what is revealed versus what is concealed. There is a really nice balance of what to show off, and what to conceal.” “I love that all the different indication­s appear to float, and both sides of the watch are packed with informatio­n that is relevant.” “The watch is very large, which is a trade-off that the brand had to make to include all of the informatio­n.” “The watch conveys so much informatio­n, but I wonder if its legibility suffers as a result. It keeps true to the brand’s DNA, but it is not easy to tell what’s going on at a glance.”

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