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French contempora­ry artist Marc Ferrero pays homage to the 21st-century woman in his collaborat­ion with Hublot

- Text Annie Darling

Tell us about the Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero.

The dial features my signature lipstick symbol, which is used on a fictional woman—my muse. She’s confident and the type of woman who thinks, “Hey, I am the best thing to happen to this world.”

Why do you use lipstick?

It’s the perfect symbol for the 21st-century woman. It’s universal, worn by different kinds of women, and can evoke different moods and emotions. This variety is important for me because women are multifacet­ed and have many different roles in life. I want to express this in my artwork.

What’s your message?

The women I depict are strong and powerful. Women’s empowermen­t has developed unimaginab­ly since the early 20th century. They can vote and have a tremendous impact on society. This is a woman’s world right now and I want to celebrate that.

What did you enjoy most about your collaborat­ion with Hublot?

The meetings were always exciting and it was great seeing our ideas come together using 3D technology for the first time. Hublot is an artistic maison and respected my process as a creative. We fitted together like two pieces of a puzzle and everything was very collaborat­ive.

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