What are the quick­est so­lu­tions for these wed­ding at­tire prob­lems?

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1 A STUCK ZIP­PER First of all, don’t panic. Gen­tly and slowly wig­gling and try­ing to pull apart the stuck fab­ric around the zip­per usu­ally fixes it. Don’t use ex­ces­sive force, or you may end up with a bro­ken zip­per!


PAINFUL BLIS­TERS ON FEET Blis­ters worsen with mois­ture and fric­tion. Plas­ters may help but be sure to drain and air the blis­ters when you can. You can also ap­ply aloe vera gel, which has an anti-in­flam­ma­tory func­tion, for quicker re­cov­ery. To avoid blis­ters, get used to the new shoes at least a few days be­fore the wed­ding.


STAINS ON MY WED­DING GOWN Fab­ric-clean­ing so­lu­tion, avail­able at ma­jor su­per­mar­kets, does the trick for most stains. Avoid rub­bing or scrub­bing at the spot—this may spread or force the stain deeper into the fab­ric. In­stead, us­ing a white cloth, blot any mois­ture first, then use a clean cloth to gen­tly blot in the clean­ing so­lu­tion.


DIRTY OR DAM­AGED HEM OF MY GOWN This can’t be fixed on the spot, but is usu­ally hid­den from sight if your gown has a lot of fab­ric. When pos­si­ble, send it to a tai­lor be­fore wash­ing. Al­ter­na­tively, clean the hem your­self by soak­ing it in a tub with a gen­tle, clear-coloured de­ter­gent for an hour. Then, scrub off dirt us­ing a rag soaked with wa­ter from the tub, and hang the dress to dry.

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