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“A pet brings in­cred­i­ble joy and love into a home, ir­re­spec­tive of where they have come from. But the added ful­fil­ment of adop­tion should make any­one con­sider it as their first choice. Many of the an­i­mals in shel­ters are happy, healthy and well-be­haved. They are there due to the cir­cum­stances of their first fam­i­lies who may not have been ready for a pet, a “gift gone wrong”, or due to a sepa­ra­tion or re­lo­ca­tion. Giv­ing th­ese an­i­mals a sec­ond chance is extremely re­ward­ing and you will lit­er­ally see and feel the gratitude and love when you pro­vide them with a new lov­ing home.” — Elena Iwatake, with Wy­oming

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