Brown is the new black

Amidst a pal­ette of au­tum­nal colours, learn how you can take the fast lane to look­ing fab all day, ev­ery day with th­ese clever fash­ion tricks

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When you’re busy run­ning two cafes, it’s a chal­lenge find­ing time for your­self. Yet Peggy makes it look so easy. When­ever we’ve spot­ted her at soirees, this girl boss is al­ways turned out stylishly that it’s hard to imag­ine she was be­hind the counter mak­ing hot cof­fee for cafe pa­trons only an hour be­fore. So we had to ask Peggy for her short­cuts to chic and here she shares how you don’t have to sac­ri­fice style for time.

Can you take us through a reg­u­lar work day in your life?

“Some­times I work from home, but you’ll also find me sit­ting at one of my cafes hav­ing meet­ings. We are pretty hands-on at my cafe – there might be times where I’d be run­ning er­rands, do­ing de­liv­er­ies, or per­son­ally be­hind the counter mak­ing cof­fee too. Oc­ca­sion­ally, I do head out to evening events.”

When you shop for cloth­ing, what do you look for in your pur­chases?

“I al­ways men­tally skim through what I al­ready own and con­sider if this pur­chase works with my wardrobe. That said, some­times when my heart rules over my head, no amount of jus­ti­fi­ca­tion will help!”

What’s a style mantra that all women should have?

“Don’t be afraid to shop any­where. La­bels do not make you look cooler or more stylish. Keep your eyes peeled at thrift stores, flea mar­kets, sec­ond hand ap­parel shops or when you’re trav­el­ling. There are lots of trea­sures to be found in th­ese places. It also al­ways makes me feel ex­tra spe­cial know­ing that the chances of me run­ning into some­one else wear­ing the same thing is lower as com­pared to me shop­ping in the few lead­ing fash­ion out­lets.”

I love head dresses – from hats to tur­bans. I think a suit­able head dress can ef­fi­ciently el­e­vate ev­ery look!

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