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Self-ef­fi­cacy is the magic tool for achiev­ing your goals. It rep­re­sents ev­ery­thing that’s im­por­tant to us: How we would want to feel if we had the choice and what goes on in­side us when we achieve some­thing we want. Self-ef­fi­cacy is our fuel – the en­ergy source of our in­ner strength. It gives us the aware­ness that, with our skills and abil­i­ties, we can han­dle the tasks ahead of us. It helps us mo­ti­vate our­selves in hard times. To strengthen your self-ef­fi­cacy, re­peat three of the fol­low­ing af­fir­ma­tions (pick the ones that res­onate most with you), 10 times every morn­ing and evening like a mantra:

I be­lieve in my­self and in the fact that I have the skills I need to achieve my goals. I am brave and em­brace things I have lit­tle ex­pe­ri­ence in.

I feel good, for I know how I can mo­ti­vate my­self.

I’m creative and al­ways find a so­lu­tion.

I’m brave and con­fi­dent that I can over­come any chal­lenge.

I feel se­cure, be­cause I know noth­ing will steer me off my path. l am con­fi­dent I have enough re­sources to suc­cess­fully put my plans into ac­tion.

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