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On the cover of this month’s issue of Tatler Hong Kong is Veronica Chou, the founder of eco-friendly clothing and accessorie­s brand Everybody & Everyone and a daughter of textile and fashion tycoon Silas Chou. She discusses the importance of embracing green fashion practices. tatlerhong­kong.com


Albert Pramono, the CEO and founder of Accossa, an engineerin­g firm specialisi­ng in eco-friendly, prefabrica­ted buildings, discusses his latest project, Kinetic Farm, which is located in the new town of Golf Island in north Jakarta. The developmen­t features a working farm and a store that aims to promote environmen­talism in the city. tatlerindo­nesia.com


Winnie Loo, the awardwinni­ng founder of A Cut Above Hair Salon and Hairstylin­g Academy, looks back on her 41 years of experience in this month’s Time Travel feature. Now 64, she shows no signs of slowing down as she channels her energies on personal advancemen­t to prove that setting goals has no age limit.



Cover star Paloma Urquijo is the founder and creative director of lifestyle brand Piopio. The young designer discusses her belief in promoting traditiona­l Filipino culture and how she is supporting local artisans through her label. tatlerphil­ippines.com


Film director Cheng Tsunshing introduces his latest documentar­y, Like the Dyer’s

Hand. The award-winning film chronicles the life of 96-year-old Chinese classical poet Chia-ying Yeh, whose writing reinvigora­ted China’s literary scene after the Cultural Revolution.



To mark the new year, leaders from the Tatler Singapore community share their post-lockdown revelation­s and wishes for 2021. Read insights from personalit­ies such as F&B entreprene­ur Andre Huber (pictured with his daughters, Ashley and Hayley), lawyer Angelina Tan and sustainabi­lity advocate Stephanie Dickson. tatlersing­apore.com


On the cover of Tatler Taiwan is Delia Tseng, a choreograp­her and the wife of Terry Gou, the billionair­e founder and chairman of Foxconn Technology Group. Tseng talks about her recent charity work and her plans for the new year. tatlertaiw­an.com

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