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Poetry and Purpose


As beauty and wellness become increasing­ly driven by values rather than value, the influence of Aesop and its pioneering concept is becoming undeniable

Wellness has become more than just the products in our beauty cabinet or a quiet meditative moment. Instead, many people are looking to wellness as a way to reclaim their power: the power to do better for themselves and the environmen­t, to cultivate self‑awareness, to know who they are and what they stand for. To mark the start of a new year, Tatler spoke to three experts who, in their own unique and unconventi­onal ways, are shifting people’s perspectiv­es on what it means to be well. Aesop co‑founder Suzanne Santos addresses the growing ethical demands being made on the beauty industry. Shaolin master Shi Heng Yi shares three essential steps to self‑mastery. And hypnothera­pist Sonia Samtani talks about the life‑changing potential of healing on a subconscio­us level. Their examples might just give you the inspiratio­n to start the year on a positive and productive note.

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