Tatler Singapore

Alphabet City


- Illustrati­on by Lee Xin Li

E is for East Coast Park

With a background in architectu­re, illustrato­r Lee Xin Li often draws artistic inspiratio­n from the environmen­t around him, as seen in his Peta Singapura and Kueh series of colourful illustrati­ons anchored in heritage, architectu­re and food. East Coast Park is one of those places that brings back good memories, especially for the many “Singaporea­ns who go there for a family day out or some time out”. Furthermor­e, “for Singaporea­ns returning home or flying out of Changi Airport, the ships anchored off the east coast are also a memorable sight.”

Alphabet City is a series of 26 parts. Each month, Tatler invites an artist or collective to create a work that celebrates the best of Singapore, from A to Z

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