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Powered by robotics and artificial intelligen­ce, the team of “ratiologis­ts” at Ratio Café and Lounge will brew your cup of joe, right down to your preferred number of espresso shots, in under one minute. And get this: the cafe transforms into a bar by night. There are over 50 fully customisab­le coffee—nanyang and speciality coffee included— and cocktail selections to choose from. All you need to do is key in your order on the Ratio app or self‑ordering kiosk in‑store and the informatio­n will be stored for future reference. Ratio founder Gavin Pathross explains, “Robots and AI are not here to replace the human touch. Instead, the human‑centric tech frees us from repetitive work. This way, we can do what humans do best—communicat­e and have great conversati­ons [with our guests].”

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