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As part of its sustainabi­lity journey, Grand Hyatt Singapore is offering plant-based meat alternativ­e dishes across its dining outlets. Take the all-day dining poolside restaurant Oasis, for instance, which has Beyond Sausage on its menu. Lucas Glanville, the hotel’s director of culinary operations, affirms that the plant-based sausage “has the same mouthfeel and texture as real sausage”. It is also healthier as it is made primarily from peas and rice proteins, and does not contain highly-processed soy, GMOS and additives. “We didn’t want to create a dish that overshadow­s the flavours of Beyond Sausage,” explains Glanville. The chef simply pops the sausage on the grill to bring out its juicy flavours. It is sandwiched between homemade dairy buns and accented with dill pickled radish, crispy onions and whole-grain mustard.

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