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More than anyone else, Derrick Ow, the executive chef of Vineyard at Hortpark, understand­s the need to eat well. He has suffered from gout attacks since age 16—until he was introduced to a plant-based diet. The menu at Vineyard showcases his love for alternativ­e meats with healthy and tasty dishes such as the Beyond Meatballs al forno, which he prepares in the same way as he would with regular meatballs al forno. The alternativ­e meat, which is created with the same ingredient­s as Beyond Sausage, is first blended with a mix of homemade herbs and spice, formed into balls and deep-fried to retain their shape. These are then bathed in a rich and tangy tomato sauce and baked with vegan mozzarella cheese for an extremely indulgent finish. The dish is topped with wild rocket for an extra nutty bite.

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