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“Sustainabi­lity is in our DNA,” says Adam Penney, the group executive chef of Three Buns, under the Potato Head group. So it was only natural for the burger joint to expand its offerings to include more sustainabl­e options. Under the burger section, you have Can You Dig It, which comprises an Impossible meat patty, created with soy, potato protein and the magic ingredient “heme”, which is responsibl­e for its meaty flavour. “We treat them like normal patties,” explains Penney, which means the alternativ­e meat is lightly seasoned with Himalayan salt and seared on the grill. The patty is stacked with Yeti cashew camembert cheese, which gives the burger a delicious creaminess that is offset by slightly nutty notes. Truffled aioli, ketchup, heritage tomato, lettuce and pickles are added into the ensemble before the ingredient­s are embraced by toasted demi brioche buns.

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