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“Prior to the pandemic, I had inadverten­tly taken two things for granted—namely health and family—both of which I had assumed would always be fine. While I have never been terribly unhealthy, this episode has driven home the need to be continuall­y conscious and deliberate in maintainin­g a good dietary and physical fitness regime. I also have had more time to bond with my wife Serene (pictured right) and this has brought us closer

together. Amid the hustle and bustle of pre-covid Singapore, we never really took the time to sit back and just spend time together. My hope is that the new year would bring about a viable vaccine available for us to return to pre-covid activities. Should that happen, I would be over the moon, to say the least, and then I would need to quickly remind myself to stay the course, lest the post-covid euphoria and exuberance insidiousl­y draw me back into the habits of old. It is crucial for me to continue to eat well and exercise, spend time with family, bask in the opportunit­y to mingle in larger groups, but still deliberate­ly meet in small numbers to make for meaningful conversati­ons. Aside from that, I look forward to Inaugurati­on Day on January 20, when the new president of the United States will be sworn in. It will spell a fresh start for everyone and mark a turning point in global history, seeing world leaders lead in earnest and giving sound, science-based guidance that will see us through this pandemic.”

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