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“It is the never-give-up attitude of how we face up to this challenge that defines who we are”



“I’ve had some time to reflect on the past year—as an anaesthesi­ologist whose work is intimately linked to the care of patients on ventilator­s; as a doctor who is plugged into the Singapore’s medical response to this pandemic, and as a member of society whose usual routine has been disrupted. I have observed that the human spirit remains indomitabl­e and this is strongly reassuring. I have seen how the world can come together—if they choose to—for the greater good of mankind, and how many in society have lent their hands to fellow beings who might need that extra help during this crisis. Certainly, we have seen and heard negative rhetoric coming from various sectors, but if we filter through the noise, we will be able to discern the resolute human survival instinct. Rather than changing my perspectiv­e of the world, I would say that it has further reinforced my appreciati­on of the human spirit. It is the never-give-up attitude of how we face up to this challenge that defines who we are, and I will continue this belief and echo these sentiments in 2021. But with the extra time on my hands this year, I’ve managed to tick a couple of things off my list. I learnt to solve the Rubik’s cube with speed (in about a minute on a good day) and improved my physical fitness with home-based HIIT or high-intensity interval training (my resting heart rate now is much better than that during my National Service days), among many others. The list goes on, but I’m a firm believer that if life deals you lemons, you should go make champagne with them!”

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