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Leaders who have made a mark in matters related to the environmen­t, society and governance, and other fields that have become crucial to the future of humankind

AW KAH PENG Chairman, Shell Companies in Singapore

The chairman of Shell Companies in Singapore, Aw Kah Peng is helping to steer the conglomera­te in its energy transition path, in keeping with its parent company Shell’s aim of eliminatin­g net carbon emissions by 2050. The energy giant plans to achieve this goal by growing its renewables and low‑carbon businesses, including hydrogen and biofuels.

Closer to home, Shell and sustainabl­e‑developmen­t agency JTC Corporatio­n are planning to establish a solar farm the size of

112 football fields on Semakau Island, south of Singapore. If realised, the facility will produce enough energy to power up to 17,500 households. Prior to joining Shell in 2012 and appointed to her current role in 2019, Aw had a successful career in the Singapore public service, both in the Economic Developmen­t Board and as CEO of the Singapore Tourism Board.


Asia’s Most Influentia­l 2023, 2021

Minister for Sustainabi­lity and the Environmen­t, Singapore Government

Minister Grace Fu is steering Singapore’s Ministry of Sustainabi­lity and the Environmen­t’s path towards a clean and sustainabl­e environmen­t with resilient supplies of safe food and water. In her role, she oversees green initiative­s such as the country’s $60 million Agri‑food Cluster Transforma­tion Fund, which helps local farms improve their systems and adopt technology.

Fu worked in various senior positions at organisati­ons such as PSA Corporatio­n, Haw Par Group and the Overseas

Union Bank before entering politics in 2006. An advocate of women’s rights, she is the leading contributo­r to the Young Women’s Leadership Connection Council of Advisors, and was a past chairperso­n of the PAP’S Women’s Wing.

ANITA FAM President, National Council of Social Service

Anita Fam guides the National Council of Social Service, an umbrella body for more than 500 member social service agencies in Singapore, in its remit to provide direction and leadership in social services, seek out strategic partnershi­ps for social services, and enhance the capabiliti­es of social service agencies. The former lawyer has been involved in social services for more than two decades at both national and charitable levels, primarily in the areas of healthcare, mental health, palliative care and disability. She also sits on the boards of the Institute of Mental Health and the Lien Foundation, and is part of the SG Cares Steering Committee.

LAURENCE LIEN Co-founder and CEO, Asia Philanthro­py Circle

Laurence Lien is the co‑founder and CEO of Asia Philanthro­py Circle, a non‑profit membership platform for Asian philanthro­pists that fosters the exchange of ideas as well as coordinati­on and collaborat­ion. The grandson of late banker and philanthro­pist Lien Ying Chow is also the chairman of the Lien Foundation, a philanthro­pic house founded by his grandfathe­r in 1980. Among various other initiative­s, the Lien Foundation is focused on eldercare and early childhood developmen­t in Singapore. Lien also chairs Lien Aid, the foundation’s humanitari­an arm.

In September 2023, Lien announced the launch of the new Asia Community Foundation (ACF), a philanthro­pic advisory poised to help new donors give more strategica­lly and with greater impact to charities across Asia. “The number one primary target [for ACF],” he said, “is new givers—those who want to give more or give better. We see this as new private banking clients here, all the thousand‑plus new family offices that are [being] set up in Singapore.”

 ?? ?? Asia’s Most Influentia­l 2023, 2021
Asia’s Most Influentia­l 2023, 2021
 ?? ?? Asia’s Most Influentia­l 2023, 2021
Asia’s Most Influentia­l 2023, 2021
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