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The first minute re­peater by Pan­erai is also its most com­plex watch, with a 633-part move­ment. The Ra­diomir 1940 Minute Re­peater Car­il­lon Tour­bil­lon GMT is no tra­di­tional chim­ing watch, boast­ing some un­usual twists to typ­i­cal com­pli­ca­tions.

To start with, the minute re­peater has three gongs in­stead of the usual two. The ex­tra gong strikes a triple chime for 10-minute seg­ments, al­low­ing for more in­tu­itive time- telling than the quar­ter in­ter­vals sounded on a reg­u­lar re­peater. The time of 10:21 for ex­am­ple, would con­sist of ten hour strikes, two triple chimes to in­di­cate 20 minutes, and a sin­gle minute strike.

Even more un­usu­ally, the re­peater can also chime a sec­ond time zone, in­stead of “just” the usual lo­cal time.

Vis­i­ble at 11 o’clock on the skele­ton dial is Pan­erai’s sig­na­ture, 30-sec­ond per­pen­dic­u­lar tour­bil­lon that ro­tates like a bar­be­cue spit, un­like typ­i­cal tour­bil­lons that turn on the same plane as the dial. Though un­veiled in red gold, the minute re­peater is made to or­der, with a long list of cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions that in­clude the case ma­te­rial, dial and hands. Pan­erai Ra­diomir 1940 Minute Re­peater Car­il­lon Tour­bil­lon GMT, 359,000 eu­ros (S$546,000)

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